Services/What We Offer:

  • PC, Laptop & Apple Sales
  • We offer both laptops and desktops of all major brands as well as Apple desktops and laptops. All new hardware carries a standard minimum 12 month warranty. On top of that, we manage your warranty in store. If any hardware issues occur, we look after it for you, saving you the hassle of dealing with the manufacturer.

  • Printers, Network & Peripherals Sales
  • We offer a selection of printers, with a wide range of features such as wireless, wired, inkjet, laserJet or multifunctionís with scan and fax capabilities. Weíll find the right printer to fit your needs.

    We provide a range of network equipment including network cards, wireless routers, homeplug adapters, gigabit switches, network cables and much more.

    We also provide peripherals needed for computer equipment and user devices, such as wireless mice, cleaning supplies, usb cables, laptop bags etc..

  • Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal & Prevention
  • With modern computers operating in a hostile environment, it is not uncommon for computers to be infected with viruses or malware. We offer a cleanup and repair service for infected machines, removing infections and strengthening the system to prevent further infection.

  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Donít throw away your laptop because of a broken screen. We replace all size laptop screens including netbooks and Apple Macbooks.

  • Laptop DC Jack Repair/Replacement
  • Is your computer not getting any power? Do you have to hold the head of the charger at a certain angle for the laptop to work? This can be caused by a faulty DC jack that can be repaired or replaced.

  • Laptop Keyboard & Component Repair
  • If you find your keyboard is damaged, maybe only certain keys are responding or keys are sticking, we can resolve the issue by repairing or replacing the damaged keyboard.

  • Hard Drive Repair / Upgrades
  • There are many causes for hard disks to fail or cause problems. We can repair corrupt hard drives and get your computer back up and running again.

  • Memory (RAM) Upgrades
  • With the demands of newer applications requiring more and more memory sometimes your laptop or computer requires an extra boost. We provide RAM upgrades for both old and new computers.

  • PC Cleanup & Optimisation
  • Is your computer slow to start, sluggish when opening programs or perhaps youíre getting warnings about low disk space? We offer a resolution to these issues and can get your computer running faster and efficiently.

  • Network Installation, Support & Security
  • Whether itís a home or business environment we offer network support and configuration for both. Wireless security is an important feature of your home internet solution, but often neglected. We configure routers, providing strong wireless encryption setups as well as user limitation if required.

  • Hardware & Component Installation / Upgrades
  • Need a new graphics card installed? We offer fitting and testing of computer components on laptops and desktops.

  • Software Installation & Setup
  • Need a program installed or configured? Are you having difficulties installing software? Unknown errors? We can troubleshoot the issue or install the software for you.

  • Password Removed / Recovered
  • Forgotten or mistakenly entered system passwords are a common occurrence. We can recover, remove or reset most operating system passwords.

  • Data Recovery
  • If you have lost files, deleted or overwritten files by mistake, there is a good chance they can be recovered. We offer data recovery on USB Drives, Flash Cards (camera/phone cards) and Hard Disk Drives. We also provide forensic recovery for badly damaged drives.

    N.B. If you have suffered data loss, we recommend you do not use the media where you have lost the information until it has being examined. (Example: If you have deleted all your photos on your laptop, turn off the laptop and have it examined. Do not continue to use the laptop as normal.)

  • Data Transfer
  • Do you need to transfer files from one computer or media to another? We can transfer data from most media to another, including damaged laptops / desktops that do not start.

  • Callout Service
  • Canít call into us? We can call out to you. We offer callout services during working hours and out of hours.

We support Apple, Linux & Microsoft Systems as well as any brand of PC, Laptop, Tablet or Computer Equipment.